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Choose Performance Carpet Care and experience expert cleaning and maintenance for your carpets, located in high-traffic areas of your office or business. We take our commercial cleaning services very seriously. We know you want a clean facility at a reasonable cost. We provide the best and most reliable cleaning services available at a great price.

Quick, courteous, and convenient service makes it the best option for all your commercial cleaning needs. Our commitment to our customers is to provide superior, scheduled cleaning and responsive customer service.

Commercial Cleaning For Any Company

Every business or building owner has different cleaning needs, so we’ll work with you to create a custom cleaning plan for your facility. Using the latest technologies and procedures, our professional commercial cleaning services help maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your customers and employees. In short, we care about cleanliness and this is reflected in our work and results. Every time there are satisfied customers!

Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your carpets improves the appearance of your premises and prolongs the life of your carpets. We use the right equipment for the job to make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned while prolonging their life. We inspect the upholstery for fiber type, physical defects, colorfastness, and stains. Subsequently, we use products that do not harm the environment, pets, and children. Let us keep your business looking professional.

  • Interim carpet cleaning
  • Carpet deodorizer
  • Carpet protection
  • Spot carpet cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery services
  • Odor neutralizer

Cleaning And Disinfection Services

We will work using the appropriate methods necessary to ensure that your facilities are not only safe but that they exceed minimum standards of cleanliness. With our services, you can make additions to cleaning frequency and/or priority areas based on the unique needs of your business. And when needed, we can dispatch additional labor to specific sites when the need arises within your business.

We go beyond expectations to perform a variety of specialized services that can enhance both your work environment and your image. Maintaining a premium image and a clean, safe, and healthy environment is our duty. Proper cleaning isn’t just about looks, it’s about healthy, happy tenants, employees, and customers.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services can enhance the appearance of your business. Using sophisticated cleaning fluids and time-tested methods, we offer the most advanced window cleaning techniques, ensuring your windows sparkle and shine for maximum visibility and exterior appeal. Hiring the services of a professional window cleaning company saves time and worry and presents your workplace or personal residence in the best possible light.

  • Windows
  • Screens
  • Storm doors
  • Interior and exterior

Floor Care

The state of your floors makes a large impact on the overall look of your business place. In order to improve the feel of your facility, flooring is key. Make a better impression on clients and visitors, and a more pleasant place for employees, by giving your floors the care and attention they require. We know that different surfaces require different cleaning methods, equipment, and solutions to keep them clean and prevent damage That’s why our staff is thoroughly trained in cleaning all types of flooring.

Emergency Or Disaster Cleaning

A responsible building owner knows to be prepared for any incident. Our cleaning team takes care of all types of disasters, including water/flood damage, sewage damage.

Floods and other disasters usually happen without warning, disrupting your family or business life In these emergencies, the first few steps you take could mean the difference between a quick little cleaning and a more expensive and extensive restoration procedure. A call to Performance Carpet Care will guarantee both the expertise and the speed you need to get your home or business back to its pre-lost state.

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